Spain: Mallorca

Mallorca is the largest island of the Balearic islands, an autonomous province of Spain. For this film we are going to visit a small island away from the tourist paradise with its busy beaches and outgoing lifestyle, to the Badia de Palma. Mallorca has so much to offer visitors. From the southern point of the island we travel along the beautiful beaches, coastlines and picturesque little towns. With sheer cliffs of dizzy heights in the corner of our eyes we reach the extreme northern point of the peninsula, Formentor.  We continue our trip along the northwest coast from Formentor to the southwest point of Mallorca. Finally we arrive in the glowing landscape in the heart of Mallorca with its quiet little towns. In all sorts of places we see evidence of the not always peaceful history of the island that became occupied by the Romans and after that by the Moron. Just after the King of Aragon had been conquered in 1229 the island came into Spanish hands. All interesting elements for a fascinating report.












 30 min.

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