We take you for a trip through the heart of Europe,the grand duchy of Luxembourg. Our exploration start in the capital city with the same name ( Luxembourg ). The historical inner city is worth a visit, aswel the buildings of the European Union and the Financial Centre. In Bascharage we visit the biggest beerbrewery from Luxembourg, and drive between Rodange and Font du Gras along a historical railway track. From Schengen we follow the Mosel and Sure ( Sauer ) with the wellknown wine regions and visit Echternach and Dillingen. The road to Beaufort goes through Mullerthal in the centre of little Switzerland with its spectacular rockformations. Our second will bring us to the north,with places like Clervaux,Troisvierges and Wiltz with its magnificent castle. Vianden has definitely the most beautiful castle from Luxembourg. This country has a lot to offer in rich culture and beautiful nature.  All together is this atmospheric area  recommended for a weekend or a longer holiday.












 30 min.

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