We start our trip through Denmark on the Lolland island, where we admire graveyards, Hunebeds and visit rural towns. Via the minute island Bogø   we travel to the green and rustic island Møn , where the steep chalkrocks rise out of the sea, especially catch our interest. The Danish capital city of Copenhagen on the island of Sjælland proofs to be an interesting and pleasant place with many things to see, like castle Christiansborg, where the Royal Danish parliament is established. We visit the Danish Royal family residence, the amusentpark Tivoli and of course the worldfamous statue of the mermaid. In Odense, the capital city of Fyn , we have a look at the house where Hans Christian Andersen was born. Legoland  on the Jutland peninsula creates one of the largest attractions this part of the country has to offer. We are also getting more the feel of how the Vikings lived,  about one thousand years ago. Denmark is a lovely holiday destination for watersports, cyclist and campers. People whom are interested in the history of this country, probably wont have time enough.












 45 min.

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