South marocco & west sahara

In the far south of Morocco, the tribes live a lifestyle which traditional culture originates some threethousand years back. We start our trip in Agadir and travel eastwards through the Sous-Valley. There awaits us a journey through a spectacular dry and rugged landscape, where we see some interesting villages and cities. Sometimes we have to leave the bitumen to follow a track in the desert that will take us to a village. In Guelmin the moment has arrived where we pass the " Sahara-Gate " and drive into the desert. While traveling we discover that you can sleep in style in Nomadstents. We celebrate with the locals in Smara and getting accustomed with the fascination of the Sahara: sand, wind, a lonely bush and sometimes camels which are herded by a lonely man. We reach the coast at Tan Tan, a seaside-resort under development. Under the smoke of Agadir we travel towards the last destination, the Souss Massa National Park. Experience it al in this film.



 45 min.

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